Jake Paul on Postponing Bout Against Mike Tyson: ‘I Was Devastated and Pretty Sad’

The pro boxer is also launching W, a new personal care brand

Jake Paul was ready to deliver a memorable fight against Mike Tyson in July.

But a stomach ulcer forced Tyson to postpone the bout, which is scheduled to air on Netflix, until November.

“I definitely was devastated and pretty sad, because I wanted this fight to happen [in July],” said Paul, who has yet to comment on the possibility of a fight this summer against Mike Perry. “I had to take a couple steps back, meditate, and re-shift my focus and my purpose. I’m still training, still getting better on a daily basis because I’m committed to the goal of becoming a world champion.”

Moving the fight to the winter allows Paul some extra time for projects this summer. One of the more prominent of those is the launch of W, his new personal care brand.

Jake Paul with his new personal care product
Jake Paul with his new personal care product / W

As of today, Paul’s new body wash, body spray, and antiperspirant deodorant are available exclusively at Walmart. Next month, he will expand his portfolio with a 2-in-1 shampoo-conditioner and hair gel.

Paul aimed to connect W with his mindset in the ring, and his goal is for it to connect with young men.

“That’s why I started W–to create products for guys that will boost their confidence and smell amazing,” said Paul. “Everyone needs a reminder to chase your most audacious goals. This is where W comes in. It’s fresh, it’s got aura, and it makes people want to go for the win.”

As Paul continues to pack as many compelling projects into his schedule as possible, his focus remains on training for Tyson.

“There’s still a lot of work to be done, so when I shifted my focus, it made things a lot easier,” said Paul. “So [I’m] rolling with the punches and shifting my focus to launching W and everything we’re doing there right now.”

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