Fantasy Fit: Baltimore Ravens Rookie Receiver Devin Duvernay

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Bill Enright: The Baltimore Ravens selected Devin Duvernay out of Texas in the third round of the 2020 NFL draft, trying to give Lamar Jackson some new weapons and that passing attack. Let's find out what kind of fantasy fit Duvernay will be in his rookie season. For that, I bring on Todd Karpovich from Raven Country and Jaime Eisner fantasy and Gambling Insider here at SI. Todd, I'll start with you. Let's talk about Duvernay and where he fits on this Ravens depth chart.

Todd Karpovich: Well, when the Ravens drafted Duvernay, there was a video, John Harbaugh on his jumping again of his seat, pumping his fists. This is a guy they really want. They were afraid New England was going to take him before they got to him. Now he's a versatile guy, he could play a slot and play on the outside. So he will sneak around for some reps at slot. He could play with Miles Boykin for a starting job on the outside. So they're gonna find a way to get Duvernay involved in this offense. It's gonna be up to him to fill the void. But I see Duvernay taking plenty of opportunities with the Ravens in 2020 as a rookie.

Bill Enright: From a fantasy perspective, Jaime, we know the Ravens were one of the best rushing teams of all time, let alone just in 2020. But from a fantasy perspective, are we expecting some more action for these Ravens playmakers, at wide receiver specifically? What do you think about Duvernay?

Jaime Eisner: Maybe a little bit. But the Ravens ran on 54 percent of their offensive plays last season, which was the highest percentage in the NFL. And I expect him to be around that point there again this year. Duvernay is interesting in best ball formats. He might have some really big games. He's got dynamic game-breaking speed. So Lamar Jackson might be able to find him. Duvernay and Hollywood Brown both have kind of similar ... you could see them have 2 (catches) for 105 (yards) and two touchdowns stat lines at some point. 

Probably in redraft leagues, you're going to leave him alone. But the more weapons around Lamar Jackson, all that does with him and James Proche coming in, just cements Lamar as the clear QB1 in fantasy that you want own.