Breaking Down Clemson Tigers National Championship and ACC Title Odds

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Bill Enright: The Clemson Tigers have appeared in four of the last five college football national championships, winning two of them. What's their outlook like in 2020? What are the sportsbooks saying for their odds to win the ACC championship, national championship, and how many games are going to win? For that analysis, I go to Frank Taddeo and Jaime Eisner, our fantasy and gambling insiders here at Sports Illustrated. Frank, I'll start with you. Give me the rundown of what the sportsbooks are offering when it comes to the Clemson Tigers.

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Frank Taddeo: Yeah. Bill, once again, the Clemson Tigers are the top power ranked team right now, according to the Vegas oddsmakers and it's fitting. Right now, this team is just absolutely stacked. I mean, for you to bet on their season win total and to get cash, they have to have an undefeated season. For them to win the ACC championship game, you have to lay - 560. That means you're laying almost 6 to 1 against yourself. These are strongly prohibitive odds. But for me, overall, I think there's value in actually going on an undefeated season. If we look more in-depth that their schedule, they really only have one more real difficult game and that would be going into South Bend to take on Notre Dame. But as we know, the oddsmakers are already saying that they're an eight-point favorite in that game. So for me right now, I would tend to lean against investing in such a chalk market where you need to lay almost 6 -1. Even their overall championship odds to win it all, they're only +2.5, right now +250. With Ohio State still there and Alabama, that's going to be somewhat difficult as well. So I see the value of actually going over and laying a dollar thirty-four right now to go over their projected season win total of 11.5 And that they have an undefeated regular season at 12 - 0.

Bill Enright: Jamie, which way you're following on these various bets that Frankie ran through. It seems kind of silly to think that it's better to take them going undefeated than it is to win the ACC championship. But those odds at over 5 -1 against yourself laying out $565 just to win back $100 seems a little silly.

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Jaime Eisner: Yeah, it's going to be tough to make any sort of significant bets on Clemson this year where they get even -134 to go undefeated. Maybe my favorite one, which is when frankly Frankie did not mention was, you'd have to bet to win their division $3335 to win a hundred bucks. I mean, these odds are ridiculous across the board. I'm with Frankie, what you are going to see in the article below, If you like Clemson a lot, bet on Trever Lawrence to win the Heisman at 4 to 1. You have a much better chance of getting a return on your money.

Bill Enright: When you are the heavy favorite, you don't get favorable odds and it's just the way it is in the sportsbooks know to take advantage of a powerhouse like Clemson. Jamie, Frankie, thank you so much for your analysis. Plenty more gambling inside information when it comes to college football. You can check it all out: Sports Illustrated, 

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