Notre Dame Win Total and Betting Odds for 2020 Season

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A staple in the world of college football, Notre Dame is once again expected to have a winning season in 2020. According to the oddsmakers, their win total is set at 10 with the juice leaning on the under at -143. 

Sports Illustrated’s gambling analyst Frank Taddeo was joined by IrishBreakdown’s Bryan Driskell and discussed the odds for Notre Dame’s win total and made their suggestions for sports gamblers taking the Over or Under. 

Read the full transcript from the interview:

Bill Enright: The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have three seasons in a row with double-digit wins. Can they make it a fourth? If they do, you'll be taking the over on their win total because the number is set at 10. Let's break it down with Bryan Driskell, who covers Notre Dame, and Frank Taddeo, our gambling insider here at Sports Illustrated. Frank, I'll go to you first. Give me the odds on Notre Dame's win total for this 2020 season.

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Frank Taddeo: Yeah. Bill, right now the oddsmakers have their season projection win total set at 9.5 wins, slightly juiced to the under at minus $1.15. But upon doing a deeper dive for me, I actually land upon them having nine very reasonable winnable games. Especially if you look at that schedule, it's very favorable right now. We don't know if that first game of the season is actually going to be played over in Ireland due to the COVID-19 restrictions during the pandemic. So that might actually be played here in the states if it is even played at all. If it is, that's a tremendous advantage once again for Notre Dame. Yet, they're heavy favorites no matter where that game is going to be played because, as we know, they're 16.5 favorites. Their biggest game of the year, obviously, against Clemson. That's probably one loss right now. But for me, I land on the on 10 wins. So for me, it's a play on the over9.5 wins, Bill.

Bill Enright: Bryan, let me go over to you, break down what you expect to see from this Notre Dame team.

Bryan Driskell: I think it's going to depend on what they do away from home. Look, Notre Dame has not lost a home game since they lost to Georgia at the beginning of the 2017 season. 


So if you can count all the home wins except for Clemson as a win. It just depends on how you think they're going to do away from home. How are they going to do at Lambeau Field against Wisconsin and how are they going to do at the end of the year against USC. If they split those games and they're probably looking at another 10 win season, assuming that they can avoid the upset at Pitt, who has given Notre Dame a lot of problems in recent seasons. But I think the timing of the Wisconsin game is something that I think is advantageous for Notre Dame. That first weekend in October has not always been the greatest weekend for Wisconsin in recent seasons. So if I'm betting right now, based on the fact that five offensive linemen come back, Ian Book comes back, I think 10 wins is what the expectation should be for Notre Dame. If you think they can sweep their road games, then they could potentially be pushing for a playoff berth again, which means more than 10 wins.

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