You Have Less Than 10 Days to Watch Friday Night Lights on Netflix Before It's Gone

It's a tragedy that Friday Night Lights is leaving Netflix.
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Hold back the tears and get ready to binge-watch one last time. The hit television show Friday Night Lights will be leaving Netflix on October 1. All five seasons are available to stream on Netflix now.

Everyone knows the fact that the television show is better than the movie. The television show is an all-time classic that has everything you could ever want: drama, life lessons, Explosions in the Sky, football and more packaged together around a rural Texas high school.

The show was inspired by the excellent  Buzz Bissinger book Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream and the 2004 film by Peter Berg, who also created the show. The series has taken on a second life on Netflix because it initially wasn't as well-received in its television ratings. The show aired for two seasons on NBC before the network struck a deal with DirecTV to co-produce three more seasons. A decision that many are thankful for today.

The show was nominated nine Emmy Awards and won two for Kyle Chandler's role as head coach Eric Taylor and Jason Katim's Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series on the series finale.

Watch the video below and you're ready to run through a brick wall:

FNL may be leaving Netflix soon but Texas forever.