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Florida Coaches Coalition will meet state legislature; pay increases sought

Meeting will take place in Talahassee prior to the Florida state football championships

The Florida Coaches Coalition (FCA), along with the Florida Education Association announced on Friday that they have secured a meeting with the Florida State Legislature to discuss compensation levels for coaches, which it believes are woefully inadequate.

The group, which was formed in 2021, states, "Coaches are compensated (on average) $2 an hour due to an outdated supplement system that has not kept up with inflation and the cost of living in Florida."

The meeting will take place in Tallahassee on December 7th, the same day the Florida State Football Championships get underway at Florida A&M University.

The FCA is inviting coaches to appear at the meeting to be heard from directly by the legislators.

"This is the first opportunity ever that members of the State Legislature will be able to hear directly from coaches on how low supplements affect their lives," the FCA said in announcing the meeting. "This is also an opportunity to work collectively to see if a solution can be found prior to the Legislative Session in January."

Seating for the legislative meeting will be limited the FCA is encouraging coaches willing to speak up on the matter to make plans to appear. All members of both the State Senate and State House will be invited to the meeting.

Anyone interested in attending or speaking, please send an email to

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