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Dodgers Rumors: LA Could Be In On Carlos Rodon Sweepstakes

The Dodgers have their eyes set on pitching help

As Dodgers fans keep their eyes on a possible Justin Verlander or Jacob deGrom unity with the team, there is speculation that the team may have another option to keep an eye on. A name Dodgers fans are familiar with as the team looks to their NL West rivals and can call on Carlos Rodon to help fill a position of need. 

With the loss of Tyler Anderson, the Dodgers have a new hole to fill. It was evident at the end of the season how devastating a lack of pitching depth derailed the season. 

Rodon can bring the added depth the Dodgers need with a lower price commanded from Verlander or deGrom. Rodon reached his second All-Star appearance in a row (two total for his career) with a 2.88 ERA and a 14-8 record in 31 starts. 

The 29-year-old pitcher would fit right in and MLB insiders have strong reason to believe this can happen (via MLB Network).

“We’ve talked this week about deGrom and Verlander, and I think a lot of the same teams are in there on Carlos Rodon as well, following his very strong season with the San Francisco Giants. Teams like the Dodgers, the Rangers, the Mets as a fall back option if they don’t get Jacob deGrom or Verlander,” Morosi said. “Keep a very close eye on the Carlos Rodon market. He in some ways might be able to get a longer term deal than either deGrom or Verlander because he’s younger.” 

The Dodgers are going to be in a flurry of free-agent conversations with the team still having plenty of time and money to work with. Rodon adds to the list of potential players that will look to make an immediate impact on the team.

It's clear the team is not done making improvements.