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The Los Angeles Dodgers dropped an ugly game on Tuesday, losing 9-8 via a ninth inning collapse and walk-off to the Reds.

The Dodgers lost a game they 100 percent should have won, but to give them a little slack, the home plate umpire did not do a very good job of keeping a consistent strike zone.

Teams in both dugouts were unhappy with the strike zone all game long, even leading to the ejection of Reds manager David Bell.

But it wasn't only the people at the game who were angry.

In the middle of the game, Dodgers injured shortstop Gavin Lux took to Twitter to share his displeasure with the strike zone. He had a very simple and perfect tweet:

"I'm gonna need to see a scorecard after this one..."

Fortunately, Gavin, that scorecard is out. And it is pretty much as bad as we all expected it to be.

The overall accuracy and consistency were both at 90 percent, which are below average. Also, the zone was all over the place, with one of the lower called strike accuracy I've seen at 77 percent. That's 11 points below the 88 percent average.

It was definitely not a good game from Carlos Torres, but fortunately, he won't be behind the plate again this series. Hopefully the rest of the umpires have a slightly better strike zone, or we could be in for another long couple of games in Cincinnati.