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Padres News: Juan Soto Regrets Statement Made About Teammates Quitting

Some interesting words from Soto...
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It has been a trying year for the San Diego Padres. They entered the season with heavy expectations of winning their first World Series, but to this point, things haven't materialized. 

The Friars have been scratching and clawing their way back in the standings all season long to no avail. But there is still time left to mount a comeback, but the team needs to rally now. However, the frustrations have started to mount with this team.

Star outfielder Juan Soto made some comments recently about his teammates quitting after a tough loss. Soto addressed this on Friday and apologized for the words.

“I f—– that up,” Soto said Friday. “Just s—– days. Really frustrating. I shouldn’t have said anything like that. I trust in these guys. I think everybody’s trying to do their best, trying to go out there and win games.”

Per The Athletic

He probably meant the words that he said because he is a competitor and wants to win. But you can't let frustrations take over you as a professional athlete. 

It's normal for frustrations to happen during a season like this, and it's great that Soto owned up to it. He is one of the leaders on the team, and if they are going to make a push, they need him.

“I think it’s the same thing we’ve been trying to do since day one,” Soto said. “We have those games and we just got to keep maintaining it, keep that consistency right there. I think we have a lot of those games when we score a lot. … We got to come back tomorrow and do the same thing.”

Per The Athletic

Everyone in that clubhouse is likely annoyed at how the season has gone. When any club enters the year with that much hype, and it doesn't work out, it can be draining mentally. They are human beings, after all, so it's natural to be disappointed. 

With games left to play and a talented roster, the Padres are still alive. But they can't wait any longer to start putting together wins. The time is now for this team, otherwise, there will likely be major changes this offseason.