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Red Sox Reportedly Pulled Offer For Nathan Eovaldi After Spending Elsewhere

'I think there was more than meets the eye with Eovaldi'

From the start of the offseason, fans clamored for the Boston Red Sox to re-sign right-hander Nathan Eovaldi.

The organization appeared to have no intentions of doing so, at least once the Major League Baseball Winter Meetings commenced.

"I think there was more than meets the eye with Eovaldi,"'s Ian Browne told ITM Podcast's Steve Perrault and Joey Copponi. "I think that he did want to come back and negotiations got a little messy.

"It sounds like they made him what was a good offer earlier in the offseason and (his agents) weren't ready to take it, they were like: 'this market could blow up.' The market never did blow up. 

"It sounds like from some of what I've heard, Eovaldi's camp came back to the Red Sox and said 'okay, can we still get that offer back?' (The Red Sox) said no. That was after they got Masataka Yoshida, Kenley Jansen and Chris Martin."

It was reported in November that the Red Sox gave Eovaldi a multi-year offer alongside his qualifying offer -- the latter being more of a formality. 

Browne gave some exclusive behind-the-scenes information regarding the ebbs and flows of what ultimately was an unsuccessful negotiation on the latest edition of the ITM Podcast. 

Unfortunately, the more we hear regarding Boston's antics, the worse it gets. Based on this report Red Sox chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom correctly read the market, and made a fair and competitive offer. 

The only issue was that he reportedly took it back for seemingly no reason.

Boston remains far under the luxury tax, and had made no additions to the rotation when Bloom reportedly rescinded the offer.

A very strange and disappointing Red Sox offseason gets more and more frustrating with each report. 

But hey, at least they have Corey Kluber. 

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