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Dayton Moore Joins Texas Rangers as Senior Advisor

An old friend to Kansas City lands on his feet down in Texas with the Rangers.

The Kansas City Royals' firing of Dayton Moore after his respective tenures as the organization's general manager and president of baseball operations sent minor shockwaves throughout the MLB landscape, and many wondered what would be next for the 55-year-old. That answer has been revealed on Wednesday, as the Texas Rangers' official public relations account announced that Moore is joining the franchise as a senior advisor in their baseball operations department.

The Rangers today announced that the club has hired Dayton Moore as Senior Advisor, Baseball Operations and Mike Maddux as pitching coach on manager Bruce Bochy’s Major League staff.

- Texas Rangers PR (@TXRangersPR) on Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2022 at 11:06 a.m.

By joining the Rangers, Moore is reunited with former Royals pitcher Chris Young. Young, who played in Kansas City and posted a 4.76 ERA from 2015-2017, is the current general manager in Texas and will presumably be corresponding with Moore in some way, shape or form. The Rangers are looking to get back to their winning ways after posting losing seasons in each of the last six years. The club generated a bit of buzz following a busy 2021-22 offseason, but the fruits of that labor haven't quite been borne just yet. 

Earlier in the month, Moore went on the Baseball Isn't Boring podcast and discussed topics centered around his time with and exit from the Royals. He briefly elaborated on his philosophy on data versus the people behind the data — which seemed to be one of the reasons why Kansas City went in another direction — and here's what he had to say:

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“I appreciate and respect and admire and covet the data and information that is out there. Always have. But I learned the game through a different way. I learned it through more of a pure evaluation, understanding the makeup of players, what motivates them, what drives them to be successful. Those things will never ever change. You have to understand the heart and desire of a player, and what their habits are like, what their routines consist of, because that is a predictor of future success."

With plenty of money invested in the current roster and some potential added moves coming this winter, the hope for the Rangers is that they can snap out of their current funk and join the ranks of baseball's contenders. Moore will now play a role in whether or not that happens and while it's unknown exactly what his duties will be in the baseball operations department, he brings several personality traits along with him that are hard to find at the highest level. Now, Moore will officially put his Kansas City days behind him and focus on the next task and franchise at hand. 

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