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MLB Insider Calls Corey Seager 'Perfect' For Yankees

The New York Yankees will look to sign a shortstop in free agency this offseason. One MLB insider says Los Angeles Dodgers SS Corey Seager is the perfect fit.

The Yankees have plenty of options to choose from at shortstop on the free agent market this offseason. According to one MLB insider, however, there's one superstar available that would be the perfect fit. 

ESPN's Buster Olney recently broke down each of the five top-tier shortstops entering free agency this winter, consulting with league evaluators to rank them and list their possible landing spots. 

The consensus is that New York will attempt to sign either Corey Seager of the Dodgers or Carlos Correa of the Astros. Between those two, it's clear to Olney and those that he spoke to that Seager is the better option.

Here is the breakdown on Seager from Olney. Although his defensive metrics aren't tremendous, and he's often missed time due to injury, he's young and one of the best offensive shortstops in the game.

What gives him an edge: He is the lone left-handed hitter in this group and is generally regarded as the best offensive player of the five.

The biggest concern:
He's had a long list of injuries in his career, and the majority of the evaluators believe Seager is destined to be moved to another position sooner rather than later because of what they see as a diminished range at short.

What evaluators say: "He's perfect for the Yankees, in what they need right now. Left-handed hitter, big-market experience, a great hit tool." ... "I have the same concerns about him that I do about Correa, about the games he's missed. But with [him], it's a bunch of different injuries, and not one major problem." ... "He's going to need an almost near-immediate move to third base."

Possible landing spots: Yankees, Rangers, Mariners, or yes, the Dodgers -- although when the Dodgers traded for Trea Turner, they prepared a sturdy safety net in case Seager departs.


Correa is an appealing option as well, but the history with Houston's sign-stealing scandal could be a disqualifier. Would Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and the rest of the Yankees that were eliminated by Correa's sign-stealing 'Stros be willing to throw away the animosity and allow Correa to be a leader in the New York's clubhouse? 

Besides, New York would benefit from adding a left-handed hitter to a righty-heavy lineup. And Seager projecting to move to another position would allow the Yankees to put top prospect Anthony Volpe at shortstop when he's ready in the next year or two. 


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