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Yankees Reporter Loosely Links Gleyber Torres To Four Teams Amid Deadline Rumors

New York could try to trade with a fellow contender to optimize their roster

The New York Yankees firmly appear like buyers as they sit just one game back of a Wild Card spot. That doesn't mean they wouldn't trade big leaguers if the right deal came together.

With a lot more teams than usual in the playoff run, we may see some contenders trading with one another to fill each other's needs. If the Yankees get in on that action, second baseman Gleyber Torres -- who will be a free agent after the 2024 season -- would be a prime trade candidate.

"A club desperate for a second baseman with offensive upside could target Torres leading up to next month’s deadline, but they’d be looking past his other deficiencies, betting on his bat,"'s Max Goodman wrote Tuesday. "Teams like the Blue Jays, Brewers, Mariners and Mets are in the playoff hunt despite poor production at second base. Would they be willing to flip a pitcher to improve at the position?"

Torres is an interesting case, as he's a poor defender and over-aggressive base runner -- but has an above-average bat with an elite ceiling. At the begging of their careers, Torres often looked like he'd be the superior player to Boston Red Sox third baseman Rafael Devers -- who debut around the same time.

If a team bet on his ceiling, the Yankees could get a solid big leaguer in return, or at least someone with high potential. 

It's well known that the Yankees attempted to trade Torres for Pablo Lopez but the deal fell through. If the right player becomes available, general manager Brian Cashman would be willing to ship him off. 

Still, offense has come at a premium for New York, and trading a player with a 105 OPS+ this season might not be the best move.