By Chris Mannix
April 21, 2014
Phil Jackson now has full control of the Knicks with Mike Woodson out and James Dolan stepping aside.
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Congratulations, Phil, the capped-out, ill-fitting, no-idea-what-to-do-with-Carmelo-Anthony team is all yours. Jackson was impressive in his introductory press conference last month. He projected strength, which hasn't been seen in New York since Walsh was dumped in 2011. He claimed to have a plan, though he was a little vague on the details. And he got Dolan to publicly say he was bowing out of the basketball decision-making process, which is something Woodson, Walsh and former general manager Glen Grunwald probably wished he had done on their watch.

It's Jackson's job to change that. It's all on the Zen Master now. Woodson is gone and Dolan has promised to butt out. Jackson (surprise!) has been operating in the shadows since taking over. He has popped in here and there but mostly sat back and observed. No more. Over the next few months Jackson will make decisions that will shape the next few years of the franchise. For years, Jackson has craved this responsibility. He has publicly lobbied for it. For the most successful coach in NBA history, it's time to make his mark.

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