By Chris Mannix
May 27, 2014
LeBron James overpowered the rugged Pacers on his way to 32 points and 10 rebounds in Game 4.
David E. Klutho/SI

Off goes Miami, off to Indiana, off to, perhaps, a fourth straight trip to the Finals. The Heat are 13-3 in closeout games during the Big Three era and they walked off the floor on Monday with the swagger of a team ready to add another win to it. The Pacers are in danger of becoming the 80's Suns to the Heat's Lakers, the 90's Knicks to Miami's Bulls, 2000's Kings to Miami's Lakers, the good team that just can't get past one that's better. The best player in the world, the best team stands in front of them, and there is no holding them back.

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