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On this episode of the SI Media Podcast, host Richard Deitsch speaks with ESPN NBA writer Dave McMenamin and Bay Area News sports columnist Marcus Thompson ahead of the 2016 NBA Finals.

By Richard Deitsch
June 02, 2016

Episode No. 60 of the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast features two guests: ESPN NBA writer Dave McMenamin, who covers the Cavaliers for ESPN, and Bay Area News sports columnist Marcus Thompson, who has covered the Warriors since 2004. 

On this episode, McMenamin discusses why he gave up the Lakers beat to move to Cleveland to cover the Cavs, the media access afforded by the Cavs, his relationship with LeBron James, how James feels when others at ESPN attack him, what the Cavs coaching change from David Blatt to Ty Lue meant for the media, competing against national NBA writers including his colleagues, the difference between the Cavs fan base and the Lakers fan base and much more. 

Thompson discusses the evolution of media coverage for the Warriors during his tenure, why many consider Golden State the most media-friendly team in the league, how the Warriors PR department works with reporters, his relationship with Steph Curry and how accessible Curry is to the media, why Draymond Green is the best quote on the Warriors, how Steve Kerr is different than any other coach he's covered, traveling throughout Oakland with Harrison Barnes on a story and much more.

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