Blake Griffin dunked on Rudy Gobert on Tuesday night. 

By Daniel Rapaport
October 24, 2017

Blake Griffin is no young puppy anymore—he's 28 and in the midst of his eighth season in the NBA. 

He can still flat out fly and make even the best defenders in the NBA look foolish at the rim. 

Case in point:

Griffin's known for delivering facials like these, but what makes this one particularly impressive is who he dunked on. That's 7'1'' Rudy Gobert, who was first-team All-Defense and second-team All-NBA last year. 

And to think, this could have been way worse. Gobert made a business decision and didn't jump. If he did challenge Griffin at the rim, this could have gotten really ugly.

Update: Gobert did his best to get Blake back later in the game with this effort:

Not exactly an equal and opposite reaction, but that must have felt good.

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