Game 2 Showed That Celtics' Jrue Holiday and Derrick White 'Will do Anything to Win'

Boston Celtics guards Derrick White and Jrue Holiday high five pregame.
Boston Celtics guards Derrick White and Jrue Holiday high five pregame. / Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports
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The Boston Celtics have taken a 2-0 series lead for the first time this spring. Their 126-110 win over the Indiana Pacers in Thursday's Game 2 was a true team effort. It felt like everyone had a stretch in this game where they made an impact.

Boston's starting backcourt of Jrue Holiday and Derrick White combined to score 38 points on 14-23 shooting. The pair, traditionally know as defensive stars, have each shown a consistent ability to put the ball in the basket throughout this playoff run.

Following the big win, Holiday was asked about how he and White keep themselves prepared, despite not always being offensive focal points. He described himself, as well as white, as "utility guys" who will do anything to win.

“Yeah. Utility guys," he explained. "Guys that will do anything to win. I feel like that's kind of what is important. It's not necessarily getting your stats or seeing what it looks like, but doing whatever it takes to win. Derrick's done a great job this whole season of just setting up the offense. Getting [us into the] things we need. I mean, he talks to me so much, telling me where to go [and] what to do. So, as a point guard, Derrick's been great in leading our team.”

Thursday, they managed to get their fingerprints on the offensive glass too. Both players combined for four offensive rebounds in the win.

Head Coach Joe Mazzulla credited the duo's openmindedness for helping them be ready to impact the game in any way possible.

“They’re just really good basketball players," Mazzulla said. "Again, most of you guys always talk about — They come into a game, open-minded on how they can impact it in different ways. Sometimes it’s defense, sometimes it’s ball-handling, sometimes it’s screening, sometimes it’s scoring, sometimes it’s shot-making, they just have the ability to impact the game on both ends of the floor. Their versatility is important.”

This layer was so impressive because the plays were timely. Holiday set the tone on the first possession of the game for Boston. He managed to get inside, grab the board, then find Jaylen Brown for his first of many points that night.

White's hustle was also on display in the opening frame, where he grabbed both of his offensive rebounds. These guys helped the Celtics stay afloat by earning these extra possessions at a crucial time in the game. Indiana shot a crisp 58% from the field in the first quarter. Without the extra chances, Boston's deficit could've been far more than two points when the frame came to a close.

Championships aren't won on just sheer talent. It's the other things like getting to loose balls, keeping composure when things go astray, and being ready for the moment when it comes, regardless of your role. White and Holiday are both prime examples of championship players.

Sam LaFrance