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It's abundantly clear the Celtics need more offensive production from their second unit. In the regular season, Boston's bench ranked in the bottom five in points per game, averaging 30.2 per contest. In the playoffs, they ranked 14th out of 16 teams, providing only 22.5 points, according to

It was most evident in the NBA Finals as the Warriors' second unit outscored the Celtics' bench 25.7 to 11.7 in the last three games, per

Now, as Boston looks to acquire a veteran wing who it can trust to provide points off the bench, according to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, the Celtics are pursuing Danilo Gallinari and T.J. Warren, among others.

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Fischer also notes that with P.J. Tucker expected to join the Sixers, the belief is the Heat will express interest in Gallinari.