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There is significant reason for optimism when it comes to the 2022-23 LA Clippers. The front office has constructed a roster that is both deep and versatile, led by two superstars in Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. While all of this projects to place the Clippers in the championship mix, these ESPN analysts have an even greater level of optimism than most.

"I think the Clippers are clearly the best team in the West," Tim Bontemps said during an ESPN segment. "They can play any way, championship coach, they have everything required to be a champion." ESPN analyst Bobby Marks added that "I'm on the Clipper bandwagon also, I think they can win 60 games."

While this optimism from the media is reminiscent of 2020, a year that ended in disaster for the Clippers, this team is undeniably better. Having plugged many of the holes existent on that 2020 roster, and upgrading from Doc Rivers to Ty Lue, this group should certainly not be compared to the one that lost in the bubble.

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NBA championships are not won on paper; however, the Clippers have constructed about as good of a roster as anyone could have hoped. They still must put it together on the floor once the season begins, and maintain good health throughout the playoffs, but the current optimism is certainly warranted.

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