Another LA Clippers Star Victim of Burglary in Los Angeles

A second LA Clippers star has had their home robbed.
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Less than a month ago, Ivica Zubac had his home burglarized in Los Angeles. Today, it was revealed that Daniel Theis' home in Century City was also burglarized over the weekend.

According to the LAPD, the robbery happened on Saturday and the burglars were gone by the time the authorities arrived. No arrests were made and the two left in a Toyota Tacoma. They also revealed that Theis has had the home since January, around the time he arrived on the Clippers.

It's unsure whether or not the burglaries were targeted, but there have been numerous attempts to rob Ivica Zubac already this season, so it definitely feels like the robberies aren't by chance. They may be likely staking out the homes of athletes and waiting for them to leave once the offseason begins.

It's a very unfortunate situation when a player moves to play for a team in Los Angeles. With crime on the rise in the area, it just feels like something will inevitably happen to their home whenever they leave. Some players hire individuals or guards to always be in their homes at all times since most robberies occur when the home is empty. Other players like Kawhi Leonard and Norman Powell avoid the situation entirely by having homes in San Diego.

Hopefully, nothing of serious value was stolen from Daniel Theis' home.

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