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NBA Hall of Famer Bill Walton has been around the sports world for a very long time. From 1979-1985, he played for both the San Diego and Los Angeles Clippers. Walton has personally seen what the Clippers used to be and loves what they've become.

Bill Walton gave AllClippers an exclusive interview about his candid Clipper thoughts during the 2022 Harold & Carole Pump Foundation Gala. Walton was attending the event to support the Pump family's mission to help eradicate cancer through donations that allow extra research funding.

"To see what the Clippers have become with Steve Ballmer, who is the epitome of a great leader, this guy is just fantastic," Walton said. "The culture he has built, Steve Ballmer, he bought the Clippers when they were a farce and now they are the authorial standard of excellence. You've got Lawrence Frank running the show, Ty Lue coaching it, you've got the players, it is just fantastic. We couldn't be happier, we couldn't be more proud, they've got the new arena coming. Yeah, the future, woah!"

The Clippers have had some tremendous success in the last 10 years, but they have not experienced the ultimate success - an NBA championship. While it's nice to have the second highest winning record, or the second highest value change, teams play for championships. The team hopes to check off that final item this season, as Kawhi Leonard is expected to return for a championship run.

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