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The Battle of LA has certainly not lived up to the hype that it received when Kawhi Leonard and Paul George joined the LA Clippers in 2019. The two teams have missed each other in the postseason each of the last three years, with 2020 being the only real chance at a deep playoff series between the two sides. That said, there is still intrigue surrounding the matchup, and fans will get a look at it early in the new schedule.

With the recent injury history of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard, and Paul George, fans have not gotten a good look at this superstar battle for quite some time. With all four players projected to be healthy to start the year, the NBA made sure to schedule an early-season matchup between the Clippers and Lakers.

According to The Athletic's Shams Charania, the Clippers and Lakers will face off on October 20th, 2022. This will be the second game of the season for the Lakers, and likely for the Clippers as well. While opening night has not yet been released for the Clippers, the Lakers will be in Golden State for their season opener.

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While the Clippers do project to be dominant this season, history has shown that prominent roster construction does not automatically translate to the court. There is real reason to believe it will for the Clippers, but time will ultimately tell. Their early-season contest with the Lakers should be a fun one.

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