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While the LA Clippers are still missing both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, they acquired a fantastic player in Norman Powell to help keep things afloat.

Jerry West is the special consultant for the LA Clippers and one of the brain trust members among Lawrence Frank and Michael Winger. The goal for the Clippers is to remain competitive, no matter what circumstance.

"We need a team to go out there and beat any team in the league on any given night, both on home and on the road," West said. "It's been a very difficult year for a lot of times, but losing two players of the caliber of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George certainly makes it a lot more difficult. You learn more about the players you have, how we can get better. I think we took a step the other day, in acquiring Norm Powell, which we think will pay dividends because he did play with Kawhi when they won a championship. He's just a terrific player."

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West mentioned to AllClippers how much of a fan he was of Norman Powell and how excited he is to see both Norman and Kawhi on the same team again. Powell has never been the main focal point of a team before, and he'll likely be that guy while both Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are out.

It's tough to say where the Clippers will finish this season if they don't get Kawhi or George back, but they'll definitely bring the fight every night.

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