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Kawhi Leonard made some waves on social media with his "CLIP GANG OR DON'T BANG" outfits. Despite not having any social media, it looks like Kawhi has caught attention to this and has officially filed a trademark for the term "CLIP GANG."

Kawhi created an official CLIPGANG shop with only three items, but it looks like new items may be appearing with this trademark being filed. He created the shop after the Clippers groundbreaking ceremony.

This all may seem like small news, but it should be great news for Clipper fans. For all purposes, it's safe to assume that Kawhi Leonard is all-in with the Clippers. Kawhi has signed the major four-year extension, stated he's "here for the long run", and now making his own Clipper shop. He's branding himself in team apparel, going to New York Fashion week in self-created Clipper clothes, and repping the team to the fullest extent. At this point, it's safe to say that both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George will be Clippers for a long-time; it would take something drastic to change that.

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Kawhi Leonard is the greatest player to ever play for the LA Clippers franchise. The only thing this franchise needs is its first-ever NBA Championship, and hopefully, Kawhi Leonard can lead them to that promised land. For now, everyone must wait patiently as he recovers from a partial ACL tear.

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