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Kawhi Leonard may be out for an extended period of time this season, but he hasn't been completely ruled out. Multiple sources have revealed that as of right now, Kawhi Leonard is ahead of schedule with his ACL tear rehab.

Even though Leonard is ahead of schedule and feeling good, the Clippers are in no rush about bringing him back. Kawhi underwent surgery on Tuesday, July 13. In some cases, athletes have returned back to practice in about 8-9 months after an ACL tear. In the most ideal scenario, Leonard could return to practice around March-April. League sources have indicated a hopeful return around that time frame, but it's simply too far ahead to say right now. Those on the team are very impressed with the progress Kawhi Leonard is making, but they fully understand how far away any type of return is from now.

Despite the optimism, March-April is still a significantly long time away from the present. Any type of setback or issue could occur from now until then. With that in mind, there's still no official timetable for return. Kawhi Leonard publicly addressed a potential timetable during media day, stating that he was just taking it "day-to-day".

"Just working with the staff day-to-day, and then when that available date comes, we'll be ready for it, and it'll be out in the public," Leonard said on media day.

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Team sources have told AllClippers that those on the team are "cautiously optimistic" about Leonard returning, as Ramona Shelburne also reported, but the Clippers are going to remain very cautious about his return. If staff doctors see any reason to shut Kawhi Leonard down, they will have no hesitancy in doing so. As of right now, those red flags don't exist. Kawhi Leonard himself didn't shut down any doors to returning this season, as he stated on media day, "I wanted to be able to come back if I was able to this year."

It's very much worth noting that the Clippers are optimistic about Kawhi Leonard's current rehab process, but keep in mind that this will be a fluid situation until he returns. For right now though, this is good news for Clipper fans. 

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