The LA Clippers have been holding media sessions each day of training camp, and on Saturday morning, Paul George spoke for the first since arriving in San Diego. The first question George received was about his health after a taxing playoff run, and he gave an encouraging response.

When asked where his health level is at entering the new season, George said, "I feel pretty good. I feel pretty healthy." While there were no known injury concerns for George after last season ended, it was a valid question considering he logged 40.9 minutes per game in the postseason which was more than any other player who advanced past the first round.

With Kawhi Leonard out for an extended period of time, Paul George has been vocal about his increased responsibilities for next season; however, head coach Ty Lue made sure to emphasize that the team will seek to manage his workload on the court. When asked about his emphasis on not overworking Paul George this season, coach Lue said he is getting the team used to playing without the ball, rather than forcing George to create everything on his own.

While many people expect an uptick in leadership from Paul George this upcoming season, Ty Lue says he has been a leader since arriving with the Clippers. When asked if he has seen a difference in George's leadership with Kawhi out, Lue said that "He's been the same. I thought he did it from Day 1, even as an assistant coach my first year... He's in a good place. It's kind of the same thing the last couple years."

Between George's confidence in his health, and coach Lue's emphasis to distribute his workload amongst the team, the Clippers and their fans should be excited about what's to come from their two-way star.

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