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In October, AllClippers reported that Kawhi Leonard was ahead of the rehab schedule for his ACL tear. Going into January, Leonard continues to remain ahead of schedule.

Chris Haynes also confirmed the October original report today, by announcing that Kawhi Leonard is ahead of schedule and that a return this season was a "strong possibility."

Sources told AllClippers that throughout Leonard's rehab process, he's impressed both teammates and trainers with some of the movements he's been capable of doing - this extends even to as far back as October.

The most hopeful scenario for a Kawhi Leonard would be a March-April return. Multiple sources have told AllClippers that a return post-All-Star break has been the most optimistic goal. In October, the Clippers were "cautiously optimistic" about Kawhi Leonard returning this season, but it seems that caution has upgraded to "a strong possibility" according to Chris Haynes.

There have been small reports throughout the season about Leonard's improvement on his ACL tear injury. One of the earliest reports mentioned that Leonard was doing "explosive box jumps" in November.

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In December, Clippers special consultant Jerry West gave an update of his own.

"If you look at him now, he looks great," West said. "Doing things that I didn't expect he could do. But I'm not a doctor, and certainly don't know what the ongoing problems for not being in tip-top shape, ready to play a much quicker and agile game are, but just watching him, my goodness, if you watch him walk around, you would never know that he had that operation."

Every small update the Clippers have had about Kawhi Leonard has been nothing but positive. All that remains is the hope that he suffers no setbacks between now and a potential return this season.

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