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As Kawhi Leonard was arriving at LAX airport, TMZ attempted to stop the superstar forward for a series of questions that he was visibly uninterested in. Amongst these questions was one about Kawhi's pick to win this year's NBA Finals. Before the reporter could finish their question, Kawhi responded, "Clippers!"

The Clippers are of course not still playing, as the team was eliminated in the play-in tournament; however, Kawhi is not interested in any of the remaining teams. Had he himself been healthy, the Clippers would very likely still be playing, but that is an outcome that will have to wait until next season.

The Clippers are still hopeful that a core of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, surrounded by championship friendly role payers, has the blueprint to accomplish what no other team in franchise history has accomplished. Injuries have currently impeded the team's progress towards that championship pursuit; however, there is plenty of reason to believe that the necessary pieces are in place.

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During the offseason, Kawhi has continued his partnership with New Balance, dropping both shoes and other apparel. The superstar has collaborated with Jack Harlow, as the two stars in their respective fields are each ambassadors for New Balance. Kawhi was also asked about that relationship in the TMZ clip, but was once again uninterested in their intrusive attempt to generate content. For now, fans have Kawhi's hilarious declaration that the Clippers are still his pick to win it all.

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