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A new Twitter study by Betonline revealed which NBA fanbases complain the most about NBA refereeing in the past month. The result was a pretty easy one to guess: The Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers have the biggest portion of the fans throughout the NBA, so it wouldn't be hard to assume they'd be the most vocal. The study does not indicate how the metrics were quantified, but it seems fair to believe that they collected data through Twitter searches for a month.

For the most part, the study shows that the teams with the largest markets and the most fans complain the most about officiating. The Clippers are ranked 10th on the list, which is a bit unexpected given how much people criticize their lack of fans. 

The hardest thing to believe on this list though is that a team as popular as the Celtics is only ranked 16th. The trends on the list show the teams with the largest markets complain the most about officiating, so it would make no sense for the Celtics to be ranked lower than the Sacramento Kings or Indiana Pacers; The bottom of the list is the Portland Trail Blazers

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It's always interesting to see how fans are quantified throughout certain studies and metrics. Previously, it was mentioned that Clipper fans rank top 10 in spending expenditures. The NBA needs its fans, and it's always great to see them back in an arena, whether it's complaining to referees or spending money.

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