The Clippers shocked the basketball world when they traded Patrick Beverley, Rajon Rondo, and Daniel Oturu for Eric Bledsoe. Not only did it impact Clipper fans, but it impacted their players as well.

Marcus Morris responded immediately with a tweet saying "Much love to my guys!"

Lou Williams may not even be on the Clippers anymore, but he was also equally as affected as Beverley's current teammates. Williams went on Instagram and said, "No regrets. Keep pushing."

Patrick Beverley may not have averaged the most points on the Clippers, but he always held a special place in the hearts of fans and players. Every game, the Clippers ended their huddles with the word "family", and Patrick Beverley led that chant.

Doc Rivers would often call Patrick Beverley "un-statable", and that was correct in every sense of the word. Beverley would figure out a way to provide winning plays in a game where he'd scored zero points. He'd figure out a way to force LeBron James to commit a turnover on a Christmas Day game. 

That intangible aspect of Beverley's game was felt off the court too. Many players have spoken to me personally about Beverley's mentorship and its impact on their games. Ivica Zubac once said to me that Patrick Beverley was the "most influential teammate" he's ever had. He was the type of player who could have a family tragedy, and end up playing the next game. Patrick Beverley may have never won a championship with the Clippers, but he'll always hold a special spot in fan's hearts.

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