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Patrick Beverley may not be a Clipper anymore, but he's having everyone think about them again during his recent news cycle. Beverley went on national television multiple times to blast Chris Paul, and now it seems like Danny Green took offense to it.

Green held nothing back against Patrick Beverley went speaking on his podcast.

"People target you too, Pat Bev," Green said. "You ain't playing no f***ing defense out there. You ain't stopping Luka. It's time and time again I see Luka call your a** "little man" and "he's too f***ing small" and go right at you every chance he got. When you play Luka you're a cone, too. How would you like that?"

One would have to expect Patrick Beverley to respond to this, and he did - multiple times. The first response was Beverley showing his field goal percentage as a defender, with no harsh words attached to it.

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Within the hour, Beverley sent another response, showing just how well he's guarded Luka Doncic this season.

Patrick Beverley and the Minnesota Timberwolves may be out of the playoffs, but Beverley has made more noise right now than when he was playing in the playoffs. If all of this has shown anything, it's that Patrick Beverley could have an amazing career in broadcasting as the unfiltered voice who keeps it real.

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