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To the delight of many, the NBA recently announced some changes to the way certain plays are officiated. In an extensive Twitter thread at the end of September, the NBA's officiating account went into detail on their new interpretive change to the way "abnormal and non-basketball moves" by offensive players will be officiated.

The primary focus of this rule change was to no longer reward offensive players who initiate contact with their defender in order to earn free throws. Over the last few seasons, this strategy has become especially prevalent, with offensive players lunging into defenders in an attempt to draw a foul. With the NBA's new interpretation of this move, the offensive player will now be given an offensive foul if the contact is excessive, or the play will result in a non-call if the contact is marginal.

LA Clippers star Paul George was recently asked about these new rules, and he said, "I don't play to get fouled anyways... Doesn't really change my game." He then went on to joke about the lack of free throws he was awarded last season. Of all players who attempted as many shots per game as Paul George did last season, his .239 free throw rate was the 5th lowest in the entire NBA.

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This is not a new trend for George, who's consistently gotten one of the league's toughest whistles amongst players of his caliber. For this reason, there is no level of concern surrounding the way the NBA's new foul rules will impact his game.

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