Since coming to the LA Clippers in 2019, Paul George has dealt with several different injuries that have caused him to miss extended periods of time. In an attempt to preserve his health amidst a taxing 82-game schedule, some believed he may utilize load management this season; however, George says he currently does not have any plans to do so.

When asked Saturday morning if he currently has any plans to manage his load this season, George said, "No, not really. It’s just by feel. Ty Lue has been especially good with that, coming to us as players trying to see how our body feels… I know we have a brutal schedule with the five games in seven nights, but it just comes down to taking it one game at a time."

George mentioned Ty Lue's intentionality to speak with his players about their health situations, and it seems as if he is already looking ahead at ways to manage George's in-game workload this season. When asked about not overworking Paul George this season with Kawhi Leonard out, coach Lue said he is getting the team used to playing without the ball, rather than forcing George to create everything on his own.

If George is able to avoid any injuries while operating in a system that is not as physically taxing, it seems as if he plans on playing as many games as possible. With Kawhi Leonard out an extended period of time, the Clippers will need him to perform the way he did last postseason while they await Kawhi's return.

Paul George Gives Health Update

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