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A recent article from Bleacher Report's Jake Fischer indicated that the LA Clippers could be bracing for Paul George's injury forcing him to miss the remainder of the season. This isn't exactly a new report, as ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski already indicated that potential possibility; however, Fischer's report added that George's injury status could dictate how the Clippers approach this season's trade deadline.

With both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George sidelined indefinitely, it is logical to assume that where the Clippers reside in the standings will play a major factor in whether or not one or both of those two players attempt a return this season. Because the Clippers do not own their 2022 First-Round Draft Pick, any attempt to tank would be pointless; however, the team could pursue a youth movement at the deadline that would allow them to develop their young talent while shedding salary for next year's roster construction.

Another direction the Clippers could go, as indicated in Fischer's article, would be a deal for Goran Dragic. The proposed trade would send out Eric Bledsoe's expiring deal to Toronto in return for Dragic. By dealing for Dragic at the deadline, the Clippers would obtain his bird rights, which would allow them to exceed the cap if they chose to re-sign him in the offseason. This deal would pair Dragic with a healthy Paul George and Kawhi Leonard for next year's title push.

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While Bledsoe has provided utility at times this season, his fit alongside Paul George and Kawhi Leonard projects to be less than ideal, making his expiring deal a potential trade asset for the Clippers at this year's deadline.

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