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The LA Clippers are off to a 1-4 start, and have looked relatively awful to begin the season. They are not alone amongst teams who have started much worse than they anticipated; however, the team can likely not play much worse than they have so far. In a recent article from Bleacher Report's Greg Swartz, some "panic trades" are suggested for some of these teams who have started slower than they expected.

With the Brooklyn Nets also being one of these teams, currently sitting at just 3-3, Swartz suggests a potential Kyrie Irving to the LA Clippers trade. In this hypothetical deal, Kyrie heads to the Clippers along with Jevon Carter, and the Nets receive Eric Bledsoe, Luke Kennard, Keon Johnson, a 2028 first-round pick, and second-round picks in 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025. For the Clippers, they get one of the best players in the league for very little. For Brooklyn, the rationale is very different.

Unless the Nets feel as if Kyrie Irving is simply distraction who will not take the court at any point this season, then this trade is pointless. If the team believes he will be eligible at any point this season, then dealing him for Eric Bledsoe, Luke Kennard, and Keon Johnson does nothing for their championship window. Even with Irving's vaccine status, the deal would be a no-brainer for the Clippers. While losing Kennard would hurt a bit, Eric Bledsoe has been a negative impact so far, and sliding Kyrie into his role would immediately elevate the Clippers into contention, assuming he actually plays.

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This is a hypothetical trade proposal, and one that is very unlikely to occur, but do not be surprised to see both the Clippers and Nets be very active at this year's trade deadline.

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