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Patrick Beverley and Steph Curry have had some battles over the years, and while the two have yet to face off this season, Steph is already aware of Beverley's antics in Minnesota. In a game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and New Orleans Pelicans on Monday night, Patrick Beverley got into a brief altercation with Jonas Valanciunas.

When Valanciunas stepped up to the the free throw line, Beverley decided to stand right there with him. The two had a brief altercation before the referees had Beverley return to his position behind the three-point line. The moment went viral on social media, and even caught the attention of Steph Curry, who left this comment on Instagram:

Via @houseofhighlights Instagram

Via @houseofhighlights Instagram

Curry clearly found the interaction amusing, having been on the other end of several similar moments from Patrick Beverley. There was the report back in 2019 that Beverley told Curry, "The next five years are mine," but Beverley has since denied ever saying such a thing.

What many may not know, is that Beverley and Curry have actually been friends for years. In a postgame interview in 2020, Beverley told the media that Steph is 'like a brother' to him, and said the two have known each other since college when they were roommates at a basketball camp. The two have had many battles against one another in the league, including two different playoff series.

The first Beverley vs. Curry matchup this year will come on November 10th, when the Timberwolves travel to Golden State.

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