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While the Clippers have recently been expected to not pursue a Kyrie Irving trade, with the Lakers being the only team with reported interest, a new report indicates that the Clippers may not be entirely ruled out yet. 

During a segment on ESPN, insider Brian Windhorst said, "I've also been told to keep an eye on the LA Clippers. Now I know that they just signed John Wall, and they look like they're set at the point guard position, but it's possible that the price would potentially be so low that the Clippers would have to at least revisit the concept."

This seems to align with much of what has surrounded the Clippers and their involvement with Kyrie Irving up until this point, because while the team has never been ruled out as a potential destination, they have also never been openly pursuing the All-Star point guard either. There has also been some speculation that Ty Lue would not want a reunion with Kyrie, but Windhorst reported that their relationship is a non-issue.

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"Ty Lue was his coach, was Kyrie's coach in Cleveland, they left on bad terms, but I have been told that is no longer considered an issue," Windhorst said. "I would think it's probably a long shot that the Clippers would wanna do that, but I have been told to take an eye on it."

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