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The Clippers are in a very interesting predicament for their season. Both of their best players, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, are sidelined with injury, without a timetable for return.

Jake Fischer from Bleacher Report indicated that the Clippers are "operating under the possibility" that Paul George may not return this season. This has definitely always been the case for the Clippers ever since the injury was initially reported by Adrian Wojnarowski, but it was never a certainty by any means.

AllClippers spoke to multiple sources on the Clippers and while there is a chance Paul George may need surgery for his elbow that could cause him to miss the season, nothing has been determined because he hasn't been re-evaluated. 

George's injury was initially reported on December 25, and there simply hasn't been enough time nor a re-evaluation to determine if he's getting surgery. His teammates are fully aware that there's a chance that George could be out for the season, but they aren't operating like he won't return just yet. Simply put, it's just too early to tell right now, and no one the Clippers truly knows yet.

When George was first sidelined with his elbow injury against the Boston Celtics on December 8, one source indicated that George couldn't dribble a basketball well due to the pain. He could shoot the ball and tried giving it a go before tipoff, but ultimately only took a couple of shots before realizing he couldn't play.

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As the days progressed, team sources indicated George was shooting during practices and shootaround and looked okay. He returned on December 20, twelve days later, only to be sidelined again just two days later, after the Sacramento Kings game on December 22.

"He was just having soreness after the game and so he went to get an MRI and we got the bad news," Lue said when revealing the news.

Since then, there hasn't been much talk publicly from the Clippers about Paul George's injury. While he could be feeling better, everything ultimately relies on the re-evaluation he's scheduled to get in the upcoming weeks.

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