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Steph Curry is the undisputed greatest shooter in NBA history, and one of the most unstoppable forces the league has ever seen. As dominant as Steph has been throughout his career, Staples Center has been one of his few weaknesses.

Coming into Tuesday's opener against the Los Angeles Lakers, Steph Curry had a history of struggles in Staples Center. Granted, these struggles are relative to his expectations, which are as high as anyone in the league; however, his numbers in Staples Center were indeed significantly lower than everywhere else.

In a win over the Lakers on Tuesday night, Steph Curry recorded a triple-double, but shot just 5/21 from the field. Including this performance, his career numbers in Staples Center against the Lakers are 20.4 PPG on 41.6% from the field and 31.3% from deep. As previously mentioned, these are not horrible numbers, but still well below his averages.

When asked why he tends to struggle in Staples Center, Curry said, "No idea. If you have any ideas, please let me know, because I still ain’t figured it out." Steph went on to add that it is better to search for those answers after a win, which the Warriors grabbed on Tuesday.

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Throughout his career, Steph Curry's Staples Center slump has been much more pronounced against the Lakers than it has against the Clippers. In road games against the Clippers in his career, Curry is averaging 23.2 PPG on 46.9% from the field and 38.5% from deep. While already solid, these numbers do increase drastically when he plays the Clippers at home. In home games against the Clippers in his career, Curry averages 25.5 PPG on 52% from the field and 53.8% from deep.

Steph Curry's Staples Center slump is a relatively small issue, especially when he is still able to put up 20-point triple doubles and secure wins amidst it; however, it is an interesting phenomenon that Steph himself has still yet to figure out.

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