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With just one home game remaining at home before the Golden State Warriors head on a 5-game road trip, Steph Curry will need to make 16 threes on Wednesday against the Portland Trail Blazers in order to break Ray Allen's all-time record at home. While 16 threes in one game is a seemingly impossible feat, it's Steph Curry.

When asked after the win over Orlando whether or not he's gunning for the record on Wednesday, Steph said, "Anything is possible." What's ironic, is that if Steph were to actually make 16 threes on Wednesday, two records would be broken: Ray Allen's all-time record, and Klay Thompson's single-game record. Klay currently holds the single-game record for most threes in a game, with 14. This is another record Steph is aware of.

"That's funny, because I know what that means, is Klay's record and all that, too. So we will see... If you've seen the way I've played, especially recently, I'm not shy about shooting the ball, so the game will dictate what that looks like. I'm not coming out with that as the true goal of how I play, but crazier things have happened," Curry said. Steph was also asked what record would be more fun to break, and he said that it would be "1A and 1B."

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is also aware of what's at stake, and said, "I'm fully aware he's 15 away (from tying)... I'm guessing he's going to shoot a lot against Portland on Wednesday. He's Steph Curry, so anything's possible." Kerr also added that Steph has the perfect combination of humility and arrogance, which makes such a performance possible.

All eyes will be on Steph Curry and the Warriors on Wednesday, with this matchup set to tip-off at 7:00 PM PST on ESPN.

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