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After a legendary performance against the LA Clippers on November 28th, Steph Curry hasn't quite been himself for the last few games. Since that 33-point performance in the win over the Clippers, Steph is averaging 20.7 PPG on 27.5% from the field and 33.3% from deep. The Warriors have unsurprisingly gone 1-2 over these three games, as it will always be hard to win when if Steph shoots that poorly.

Golden State of Mind writer Joe Viray reported that when asked about Steph following the Warriors' most recent loss to the San Antonio Spurs, head coach Steve Kerr said, "It just looked like fatigue to me, back to back obviously. This is how the NBA works... there are nights where things are stacked against you with the schedule.. that's all being part of the league." 

Despite his recent struggles, Curry is still 3rd in the league in scoring, and 1st in plus/minus. During this stretch of games, Steph has gone on runs that look as if he has put the slump behind him, but that has yet to be sustained throughout the course of a game. Sandwiched in between the Warriors' last two losses is actually a solid game from Steph, in which the Warriors put an end to the Phoenix Suns' NBA-best 18-game winning streak. 

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As one of the greatest players in the game's history, Steph Curry's standards and expectations are nearly unmatched. For almost any other player, it is unlikely that their head coach would even be asked about about a subpar 2-3 game stretch; however, for Steph, that is the level of greatness he has conditioned people to expect. As history shows, he will almost certainly bounce back soon.

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