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Miami Heat's Bam Adebayo Partners With Fit-Tech App

Adebayo leads users through intensive four-week training sessions

Miami Heat center Bam Adebayo recently became an investor in a fit-tech app called Masters. 

It involves him leading users through intensive four-week training sessions. The programs are set up to improve physical and mental shape. He recently spoke to Inside The Heat about the venture. 

INSIDE THE HEAT: As an athlete you have to be disciplined with your daily routines in order to play at a high level. What does your daily routine look like? Why is Bam Adebayo able to play at a superstar level?

ADEBAYO: Consistency is key. I prioritize consistency over intensity. Sticking to my daily routine keeps me disciplined and on track to succeed every day; it’s the little things that add up and ultimately take you to that next level. My daily routine is all about nailing those little things: I wake up around 6, have my protein shake, go to the gym, then I go lift, then I go to practice. I finish up around 2:30, spend some time with my mom, and go to bed early. I’m making sure I’m drinking my gallon of water every day and eating right. It’s that consistency that’s gotten me to where I’m at.


INSIDE THE HEAT: How much of your success would you credit to being mentally strong?

ADEBAYO: Mental strength is everything. My internal drive is what motivated me to practice every single day and improve and get to where I am today. For me, it actually helps me if my mentality isn’t always calm 100% of the time. I had a lot of anger growing up, and I learned how to turn it into an advantage. It’s “my edge,” where I take that energy and go all out with it. But you need training to use that anger and make it an edge. It’s not about losing your temper – it’s about channeling that frustration or anger you have into fuel.

INSIDE THE HEAT: You say, “Real strength is built in the fire.” What is your interpretation of that?

ADEBAYO: For me, “the fire” means the most challenging moments – those moments where you’re pushed to your absolute limit and you’re not sure if you’re gonna make it or not. I went through a lot to get to where I am and I’ve found that the most transformational moments were the ones where I was really pushed to my physical and mental limits. When you learn not to let disappointment or anger beat you, but turn them into fuel for the fire — that’s when you get stronger.

INSIDE THE HEAT: Where did the motivation come from to get involved with Masters?

ADEBAYO: Masters for me was a great opportunity to share my experience and knowledge with other athletes. It was also a great way for me to invest in something I believe in, and it’s been so rewarding to put out my own training program out there and see what other pro athletes are doing, too. I always wanted to have an impact beyond the game itself and Masters has been a great way to do that.

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INSIDE THE HEAT: How did you develop the two 28-day training blocks that you have available on Masters?

ADEBAYO: My program is structured into 4 weeks – other athletes have different setups – and mine is focused on building up strength each week, along with interval training, core strength, and recovery. I like to be efficient in the gym – I don’t waste my time or energy. When I started working with my trainer Kevin Graves, he taught me that the foundations are the most important thing to master – starting with skills like basic footwork. I’ve been doing the same drills since I was 12, even today. So I built my program with foundations and efficiency in mind. My program is based on the training I do every day, but it’s broken down to be doable for people who don’t have hours to spend at the gym.

INSIDE THE HEAT: Who was your target audience when developing these programs?

ADEBAYO: I wanted my program to be challenging for athletes at all levels – it’s challenging for me! At the same time, consistency is key, so I wanted to make sure it’s engaging and not boring – so people keep coming back. Anyone who wants to develop strength, consistency, and intensity – whether they hoop or not – that’s who my program is for. 

INSIDE THE HEAT: Has documenting your training regimens given you a new insight as to why you do the specific work that you do?

ADEBAYO: Working through my programs with my trainer made me realize just how much of my training is about consistency. When you get to a certain level, any gaps in your training or routine will show – you will know, your teammates and coach will know, everyone will know if you haven’t been putting in the work and the time that’s needed. Even at my level, you can’t let the basics slip. The most important thing is to show up and push yourself every single day. 


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Corey Holmes is a contributor to Inside The Heat. He is a film and television graduate from Notre Dame and has a master's degree in journalism from Morgan State. He can reached at or on Twitter @coreyholmes4