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ESPN’s Brian Windhorst Says the Miami Heat Should Acquire Kevin Durant

The ESPN analyst suggests Pat Riley make a plan to land the Brooklyn Nets star

As NBA free agency approaches, trade rumors are dominating the sports media and basketball fanbases. 

One of the biggest offseason storylines has been where Kyrie Irving will play next season. Irving has been rumored to possibly joining the Miami Heat, but ESPN analyst Brian Windhorst suggests the Heat should be looking to acquire another star in Brooklyn instead.

Windhorst said the Heat should wait and see if Kevin Durant wants out of Brooklyn.

“The godfather move is not to trade for Kyrie Irving,” Windhorst said on ESPN’s Get Up. “The godfather move is to let the Kyrie Irving situation blow up and then wait for Kevin Durant to say he wants out of there. That’s the Miami Heat move.”

Irving has been an impressive player in his career but has also developed a reputation off the court. He has missed many games in his career due to personal factors, and has been described as a “toxic” player by many fans. As a member of the Boston Celtics, Irving built a less-than-reputable legacy. He's had the same issues in Brooklyn. 

Irving's off the court antics might make him a difficult fit in Miami, an organization with a strong culture.

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“When we talk about the Miami Heat, we’re talking about one of the best cultures in basketball,” ESPN's Kendrick Perkins said recently. “We’re talking about the ultimate godfather in Pat Riley. We’re talking about one of the ultimate leaders in Erik Spoelstra, who don’t care about calling players out. I don’t see that working. I don’t understand how Kyrie Irving can even want to go to South Beach, knowing that they wouldn’t deal with his shenanigans.”


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Jayden Armant is a contributor to Inside the Heat. He is a student at Howard University. He can be reached at or follow him on Twitter @jaydenarmant.