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Miami Heat Prevent First-Round Pick Nikola Jovic From Playing For Serbian National Team

Report says the Heat want Jovic to work out with team instead of abroad

The Miami Heat want all the developmental time with first-round draft pick Nikola Jovic before he enters his first season. 

So the Heat have decided against allowing Jovic to play for the Serbian National Team next month is Prague. Games are schedule from Sept. 2-8. 

According to the website, Jovic will not play at the Heat's request. The Oklahoma City Thunder took the same approach with Aleksej Pokusevski, who is also from Serbia.

“For [Aleksej] Pokusevski and [Nikola] Jovic, we did not get permission from their teams,” Serbian National coach Svetislav Pesic told the website. “The teams want the players to work there and get ready for the new season.”

The Heat usually allowed their players to compete internationally, most recently guard Goran Dragic with the Slovenian team. It was different with Dragic because he was already an experienced NBA veteran. 

Although Jovic has played professionally for the past several years, he is still considered a newbie to the NBA. The Heat want to get much work as possible with Jovic before training camp opens in late September. 


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