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Miami Heat's Erik Spoelstra Open To Playing Jimmy Butler At Power Forward

Spoelstra says Butler's versatility makes him a positionless player

Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra responded to Jimmy Butler's statement about hoping to avoid playing power forward this season. 

Spoelstra said Butler could excel at the position if needed. 

I don’t think it would have worked for me just to say we’re doing it positionless,” Spoelstra said. “Jimmy’s too smart; he’ll figure that out. My thing with that is I would love to be able to, at some point, in Jimmy’s career, just start him at all five positions." 

Still, don't be surprised if Butler plays power forward at some point this season. The Heat are lacking depth at the spot after the departure of P.J. Tucker, who signed with the Philadelphia 76ers during free agency. 

“I’ve definitely played him at the four, and he’ll play some four this year, not likely starting him there. But, man, that’d be cool to start him at the four at some point, whether it’s this year or the future. And then, for sure, start him at the five.”


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