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Miami Heat's Tyler Herro Entering Season With Something To Prove

Herro says he setting the bar higher this season
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Guard Tyler Herro has been the main topic lately when discussing the Miami Heat and their future plans.

Herro spoke about his role and what he expects this season after Wednesday's practice at training camp

“Just continue to get better, continue to improve,” Herro said when asked about his personal goals. “And as a team, you want to win a championship.”

Herro then touched on the competitive nature on the team.

“I’m one of the competitors on the team, I’m competing for a spot right now,” he mentioned. “And it’s what you want as a competitor. I don’t want anything handed to me, I’m going to go get it.”

He was then asked about his relationship with center Bam Adebayo, who also played at Kentucky.

“Me and Bam are really close," Herro said. "We’re close at age, both went to Kentucky. A lot of similarities from our past to the NBA. At first when I came in, I was able to bounce things off of Bam and he was able to help me get through things and now we’re both coming into our own a little bit. It’s kind of a one-two punch on the pick-and-roll and stuff like that. We have a great relationship off the court and even better relationship on the court with our chemistry. Bam is my brother.”

The brotherhood between Herro and Adebayo can be compared to former Heat player Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem’s relationship. Their relationship was so strong that Haslem mentioned he felt “hurt” when Wade took ownership of the Utah Jazz.

Herro’s chemistry with Adebayo can also improve his chances of getting a starting role considering Adebayo is already a starter.


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Cory Nelson is a contributor to Inside The Heat. He attended Northern Virginia Community College. He can be reached at or follow him on Twitter @CKenzyNelson