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'Things Have Shifted'; Report Pushes Mavs' Jalen Brunson in Knicks' Direction

Jalen Brunson has reportedly taken another step closer toward the blue and orange of the Knicks.

Another twist has reportedly appeared on the Jalen Brunson roller-coaster, which is hinted to be stopping in Manhattan.

Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report offered the best news for those hoping to see Brunson play under the watch of his father Rick, declaring that "things have shifted" in the postseason hero's Dallas negotiations. Such tremors have carefully pointed him in the direction of the New York Knicks.

"I’m going to say this cautiously, knowing that this is going to get picked up. I really don’t have a ballpark on it, but from everything I’ve heard, it really does sound like things have shifted," Fischer said on the latest edition of the Please Don't Aggregate This Podcast. "He is more likely than not to become a member of the Knicks as opposed to the Dallas Mavericks.”

The Knicks have made no secret about their interest in Brunson, one headlined by their ongoing attempts to shed pricey contracts so as to afford a max deal for the current Maverick. Many saw their draft night activities as part of the hunt, as the Knicks were able to cut loose the contracts of both Kemba Walker and the 11th overall selection while gaining first-round draft capital that would sweeten any potential trade. Nerlens Noel and the $9 million-plus attached to his contract could be the next to go.

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Brunson's value dramatically increased after a postseason showcase that saw him take over Dallas' destiny while star player Luka Doncic was out. It's been theorized that landing in New York, currently headlined by young talent like RJ Barrett, would be a chance for Brunson to take on more of a national starring role and step out of a Doncic-sized shadow. 

The NBA's free agency negotiations are set to begin on June 30 at 6 p.m. ET.