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Will the Los Angeles Lakers' small-ish ball experiment continue into the club's regular season, which kicks off next week against the Golden State Warriors?

Anthony Davis, traditionally a power forward who has occasionally started at center for the Lakers during the team's 1-5 preseason (with nominal small forward LeBron James shifting up a position to power forward), commented on whether or not he'd be amenable to remaining at the position long-term, Dave McMenamin of ESPN reports. He played the vast majority of his minutes at the five last year under former L.A. head coach Frank Vogel.

"I trust Coach’s decision," Davis reflected. "I mean, I’m pretty sure he heard AD wants to play the 4, so he knows where I stand, but at the end of the day, I want to win, so if that’s me playing the 5, that’s what it’s got to be."

Talking in the third person is a boss move, let us at All Lakers just say. It's never exactly been a secret that Davis prefers to operate from the power forward slot. He has thrived there, and seems to prefer that over the center position, where he takes a beating in the interior against taller, bigger players.