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Lakers forward LeBron James has redefined what it means to be an all-time athlete as he enters his 20th season with little sign of slowing down. James has always been polarizing for some fans, but former Wizards guard and All-Star Gilbert Arenas has a take that might make fans reconsider some of there negative emotions towards James. Arenas explained during an interview with Lakers assistant coach Phil Handy in a recent episode of Arenas' No Chill Podcast

“LeBron is probably the only player, the only superstar that never had that year. He never had that year where he says, ‘Forget everybody, I’m trying to get my stats.’ Because, I said, if he ever did that, who’s stopping him? Maybe that man would average 40 something.”

Stat chasing is a common phenomenon that players go through to try to make their stats look better either for records or contract purposes. James is on track to finish as the NBA's all-time leading scorer but yet has always been considered a pass-first player like Magic Johnson

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This seemingly positive stigma has actually given James a lot of flack throughout the years in comparisons with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, who both have the "killer instinct" on the court. Many don't believe James has the same mentality due to his pass friendly play style. 

Arenas believes otherwise and goes a step further believing his unselfishness throughout his entire career is what has set him apart from the others. 

“When LeBron stepped in, it was all about trying to win championships. So, he’s never actually had a selfish year, where he says, ‘I don’t need anybody. I want to show the world what I can do.’”

James already loaded career resumé is going to end up as one of the most decorated in terms of accomplishments among all athletes ever. James undoubtably has a high chance of winning a fifth championship, assuming he stays healthy and any added firepower to the Lakers roster comes to fruition.